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Enhancing landscapes in the greater Montgomery area since 1997

Service Agreements

Annual service agreements are available and are recommended to accommodate all of your lawn and landscape needs into one annual budget that can be divided equally over 12 monthly installments. We offer multiple service agreement plans to accommodate all your lawn care needs.

Schedule service calls are as followed – 1 service per month January & February, 2 services per month March & April, 4 services per month May – September, 2 services per month October through December = 32 maintenance services annually.

Plans starting at $199 per month

Benefits Full Service Regular Basic

Mowing Services – 32 Annually. Includes curb edging, string trimming & debris cleaning

Monthly Roundup Applications – To eliminate weeds in drive/walkways & any other undesirable bedding areas

Shrub Maintenance – 3-6 times annually to maintain shape & growth habits of your plant’s needs

Pine Straw Services – 2 annually to maintain your bedding area’s appearances and cleanliness (1 spring & 1 fall)

Chemical Fertilization – 5 applications annually for healthy lawn development & weed  prevention

Seasonal Pre-emergent Applications – 2 annually for bedding areas to prevent weeds in your landscape beds

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Top Notch Lawns has been enhancing landscapes in the greater Montgomery area since 1997. Our company goal and mission is simple: we strive to bring each and every property that we manage and maintain to visual and horticultural excellence

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